This is water


Let’s get talking.

Words by & illustration by Lily Rossiter

We love it, these summer thunderstorms, when it seems the rain comes in and washes the summer slumber away. So we can start afresh. Water does that – provides a fresh start, acts as a cleansing ritual, almost a blessing. It is precisely this duality that led us to this issue’s theme: the need to bathe in our most extravagant, velvety desires and, as you step out and rinse, to stand naked and purified.


As part of the so-called millennial generation, we’re too often accused of indulging too much on vacuous endeavours; of being shallow, superficial and too fluid for the “real world”; of losing ourselves, like a modern Narcissus, on the digital surfaces of our mirrored screens. That may as well be true but, as a generation, we also care deeply about justice and social issues; our concerns are larger than ourselves and in tune with the planet; we are more connected globally and move in tides.


Like our Target Audience reminds us, we’re marketeers’ Holy Grail and we’re scrutinised like an elusive species but, at the same time, we’re labelled uber-hedonistic when we look too much to yourselves. If, by one hand, on Eduardo Féteira’s piece Binging on happiness, we are marketed by ourselves to our peers, on the other, as Jade Anna Williams explores, we’re drowning under the digital pressure.


What we came to realise, from the indulgent, epicurean search for feeling which Georgia Iacovou narrates, to the elevation of the normal, intimate, familiar language shared by pop star Beyoncé and intellectual Maggie Nelson – we are willing to live it all with the same intent and intensity. In the search for meaningful, the luxurious is as powerful as the everyday – and yes, we learnt this on Youtube.


In the end, and borrowing David Foster Wallace’s beloved parable, all this is water.


So, let’s get talking.