Marta Faustino & Francesca Ponzini


Francesca and Marta met three years ago. Francesca called her a bitchy boss, but since then, she hasn’t been willing to work with anyone else. Soon afterwards, they went on holidays to a remote village.They were scared – they didn’t spend that much time together before. They started really talking there and they soon discovered they couldn’t shut up since. At parties, people often mistake one for the other. And perhaps they are twin sisters. That’s why they’re going on this adventure together.

Marta is an arts manager, who never manages to get to the bottom of her book pile without buying more volumes, and has a jar of Nutella with her name on it. She is addicted to QI and bakes a kick-ass Chocolate Guinness Cake. Francesca is a literature lover, illustrator wannabe and can survive only with olives. Recently got excited by creative coding and the twins paradox.

Eduardo Feteira

Eduardo Feteira is a freelance writer and illustrator. He likes small pot plants, large dogs and exploring the lesser-known libraries of East London. He bites, occasionally.

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Joseph Clift

Joseph Clift is an avid bibliophile and art lover. Both of which offer a welcome escape from his day job working in digital advertising.

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Maria Shirts

Maria Shirts, 24, is a writer and a (proud-to-be) pedestrian. She’s into urban mobility, politics and everyday’s ephemeral moments.

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Enrico Cascavilla

Born and grown up in South of Italy, with his dual cultural background of science and art, and his head always in the clouds, Enrico is trying to survive London life. He is passionate about “nugae” and inspired by every man who follows a chimera.


Marcantonio Corrieri

From Milan, sometimes in other places. He plays in a band called DAGS! after his friend Doug. Hey Douglas! Totally OK guy.

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Iman Stevenson

Iman is from Brooklyn and she loves slow jams. She is not a fan of titles, though she likes to write.

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Harriet Williams

Harriet Williams lives in London in a house full of books. She spends her days wrangling writers onto planes and into events in far flung countries, and her nights arguing about politics with anyone who will listen. She is trying to read 50 books this year.


Martina Saladino

Martina is a Digital and Creative Producer and she loves Instagram. She can’t help moving around the world and changing jobs: it’s her way to learn, keep active, grow – personally and professionally.

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Emiliano Capozoli

Emiliano Capozoli is a Brazilian photo journalist who lived in Paris for a couple of years, before moving to London. He now works across Europe as a correspondent for the Brazilian press.


Rachael Olga Lloyd

Stop-motion animator, director and model maker.

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Amy Grimes

South East London. She studied at Camberwell College of Art, has an excellent cactus collection and regularly eats pizza.


Special thanks to: Sammy Slabbinck, Ruby Taylor, Elin Magnusson, All The Fruits, Martina for being incredible, Ed & Joe, Marcantonio, Enrico, Emiliano, Michele for all the dinners, Nicolino & Alice for the support, Nadia, Julian, Rebecca for putting up with us, Meg, Jodie, Georgia, Kayleigh, Diana, Silvia, Darien and Valentina.