Ruby Taylor



We asked frontman & guitarist of Dags! to curate a watermelon-tasting playlist. Enjoy while reading our first issue.

Words by Marcantonio Corrieri & illustration by Ruby Taylor

I was asked to compile a little playlist with a tinge of watermelon and, guess what, I manned up, went and did it.
I’ve always found it fairly difficult to give a straight answer to a direct question, things as simple as “What is your favourite movie?” can be a bit of a nightmare for me.
It feels like someone I really like didn’t make it to the list of things I really like and I hate that. I like to think of myself as a nice guy and I don’t want anyone to be left out of any bloody list.
Imagine how difficult could be to limit a playlist to “only” 20 songs, or at least how difficult that could be for me: it got up to 47 songs before I decided to stop the madness and scale it down to 20.

I had to put at least one song 100% watermelon based. I had to get in the least required amount of times the word “watermelon” needs to be mentioned (I did count them and it sums up to the grand total of 57) in the said fruit playlist.
It is also the opener. In the marketing world that is what you’d call an absolutely fine marketing strategy. It features all the colours and shapes that this fruit can create, the hard rind, the seedy bits, the juice and the simplicity. It is more about taking the subject to a specific time and place and link it with songs that could possibly remind me of it.
It is all about summer: hot, dry and salty, sunsets, fun, a whole range of feelings, hopes/fears and distances.


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