Novelty is here


Words by Marta Faustino & Francesca Ponzini

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why a magazine. The idea just sprouted a bit out of the blue. The proposal was neither serious nor casual and the immediate response was “let’s go for it!”. So we did.

Novelty came out of a series of coffees and drinks as we tried to decide what was it going to be about. It was only when we tried to reel back to the beginning, to ourselves, that we realised what it was we loved: interesting conversations, fervent discussions, discovering something new everyday and sharing it. So then why not have a magazine about that?

The theme germinated from a recent conversation we had about the Taiwanese film “The Wayward Cloud” and the difficulty of assimilating it. It isn’t putting what you think about into those nicely packaged conceptual boxes we use to interpret what we see. Maybe some things are better left like that – open and weird, and always permitting surprises.

Strangely enough, it seemed to touch upon all major topics we discussed over the past few months. “The taste of watermelon” encompasses sex and music, beautiful colours, the dreaminess of summer, fecundity and sweetness.

What we were left with was getting together with curious people who were interested in offering their point of view and sparking a conversation. The afternoon philosophers of your local cafe, the friends engaged in fruitful discussions and the regular people who love to exchange ideas – all of these people are our voice.

This first issue ranges from the racist connotations of watermelon to the lasting effect of a summer festival or the recent battle of women against having their periods censored. Novelty hopes to bring to the table fresh perspectives in an unpretentious way.

So, get talking.