Do I like you enough?

Words by T. Delaunay & artwork by Alice Woods


Me unfiltered

Pondering upon the eggs while you’re cooking breakfast

Applying all my latest discoveries about self-control

to be able to actually eat


Battery cage eggs

Most surely


Do I like you enough?


Ethics are taking over my life


Better to tell you that there is something wrong

Or just make some more tea?


With cow’s milk 2 pints green packaging

and refined white sugar


Bought at the supermarket





4 things I stand against

packaging included


Shall I bring it up again?

I’ll sound annoying

I’m already being impossible


Turn around, flip the egg



smile back


a poached egg can’t really be flipped

you rather transfer it

onto the toast


To be precise


You’re not really talking to me you’re talking at me



clever, clever distinction


You’re being very beautiful


is sex unethical?

condoms aren’t eco friendly

and neither am I


I’m not friendly at all


is unprotected sex eco friendlier then

but less ethical?


I’m confused


You’re so very beautiful

STIs and everything


I’ll talk another time



You couldn’t prevent yourself for shutting up, could you


I try to think what I’ll be able to cook once at home

if I got anything in the fridge




Trying to review my primary needs see if there’s anything I can check on the list




not hungry

sleep too

angry to sleep


I swallow the last sip from my glass bottle


Glass not




another angry message

just for fun


I’m bored

Feel sweaty but cold and sick on the train

still 8 stops


… check your phone

Hasn’t replied


3 stops


Hasn’t replied


… too bad for me

That’s what I was looking for

going back


now I just want to be friendly again

everyone seems to be fine on the overground

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