Bare Skin


Let’s get talking.

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As we grow as magazine, the need to have decent photographs of us taken has increased. Lately, we have been discussing this would-be portraits and started to talk about the possibility of them being nudes. Not only did we dealt with questions of why and why-not but also if we would actually be able to do it and on which conditions.

Turns out that being comfortable in your own skin is a status that is incredibly hard to achieve. Not only should you be comfortable with your body and mind, but you must do so in every circumstance and in comparison to everybody else.

We found that, although we’re lucky enough to be young(ish), white, average height and weight – pretty much fitting into normal ideals of beauty; we still do not feel entirely content. In a frame we both fit, whatever we felt on our own, looking at the mirror, is gone. Should I take my hair off as she does? I can’t be seated or you’d see my belly protruding more than in her. I can’t be featured facing backwards as my ass cellulite is more accentuated than in her.  And it goes on and on, and on. Regardless of how lucky we are to look like we do, or to be able to look in the mirror and smile, we cannot pull it off at all times.

In that sense, being truly comfortable in your skin is a courageous act of rebellion. So many factors, and pressures, and images, and rules and prejudices distorting your reflection.

In this issue, we wanted to praise these warriors, the people that are fighting for their place as they are. In Strawberry Fair, Armpit Hair we stand up against irrealistic beauty expectations; The Impossible Dream: Being Black in America reminds us the difficulties of being a young black man and remaining alive; with Meral van de Velde, we discover we can be both feminine and fierce; and in My flatmate, Europe we proudly defend our identity layer as European.

We hope this issue will make you join us considering what are we not comfortable with. Who knows? Maybe next time you’ll see us in a different skin…
Let’s get talking.