Yasgur’s Farm

Short Story

Wild trips and nip slips.

Words by Caleigh Boyle & photo by Daniel Ap

We are Stardust

The last fragment of a tic-tac melted away on my tongue as the bus pulled around the corner, an electric contrast of white meeting teal along the centre and the unforgettable emblem on the front. It didn’t stop and it wouldn’t stop until we got there. It slowed down and the side door opened and I jumped in.  The vibrations in my body, an ultimate high. Everyone feeling wild. Creedence Clear Water pouring from the speakers, each note tingling my heart. Anticipation swelling inside my hightops.

We are Golden

Each corner traveled and each hill tackled brought us closer.  Nothing behind us, nothing in front, only each rotation of the tire.  We all knew where the bus was going but no one knew our minds would end up somewhere else, our bodies lost in the translucency and beauty of it all.  We packed little food and enough water, but the nutrition we got didn’t come from food.  It was in the people, the mud, the rain. We were alive in a way we’d never been before.

We are Billion Year Old Carbon

Our trip only started when we got there, the last fragment of a sugar cube melting away on my tongue; and then the next one, and the then next one.  Each song flowing through my veins, pumping music to my soul.  We were dripping in it. The energy never stopped, it never dwindled.  It never skipped a beat. There were no naked women and naked men only naked bodies and naked minds.  Three days of peace and music.  Each day part of yesterday and tomorrow.