Witches & Disco Balls


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Midnight Magic: dance and disco balls; rituals and self-care; witches and stars; luck, fate and love. Isn’t magic all about liberation?

Magic is what’s beyond the rules of science, the cynical daily living, and societal decorum. Witchcraft was always a way to keep women with opinions and sexual desires controlled and ostracised. Magic came to signify everything deviant, bizarre, unthinkable, unfeasible. But isn’t that the space where dogmas are challenged and new ideas grow?

The supernatural and the metaphysical can be a way of admitting that, as true as science is, sometimes it is not enough. Rituals allow manifestations of love for oneself, others, and the world. Fantasy extends the borders of reality.
All of these breaking the walls of concreteness, expectation, and sensibility.

So, this issue we’re focusing on getting free from ourselves. We’re laying Bare, free from our clothes and the sense of shame and self-consciousness; free from our failures and the place we thought we thought we should occupy, but learn we don’t have to. We’re practising self-care and healing with Aoise Tutty on her Rituals, and connecting with the power of moon and stars in Rezm Orah’s BLØØDMØØN.

In these troubled times, reality can sometimes look bleak. So it’s no wonder that glitter, unicorns, and witch’s dust are making a comeback to the public imagery – sometimes it’s necessary to bring a bit of fairy dust into one’s life.