A whisper, a shout


Let's get talking.

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Once upon a time..


and we’re hooked.


The magic of storytelling is one that whisks us along the ups and downs of an enchanting tale, that, even after we return to normality, makes the mundane more magical.


Stories are changing – thankfully – and the delicate balance between listening & speaking, between audience & narrator, is being restored. When the storyteller asks “is anyone listening?” the audience retorts “is anything important being said?”


In this issue we examine a literary classic under a critical light in Study of Light & Darkness,  and seek the answer to the age-old question “Where does it hurt?” in Snow Spider

We go through arduous judicial procedures accompanied by gaslighting in Morphology of the Hit, and question the boundaries between fiction and reality, and the consequences there of, in SPUN.


Fabrications may manifest destiny, but with great power comes great responsibility.

Our duty is also to listen: when we hear new, shocking stories that were actually always there, whispered, told sub-rosa, until persistently shouted by those brave enough to be heard.