We’re ready


Let’s get talking.

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We shift our weight from one foot to the other hoping this movement will somehow loosen us up. Perhaps we’re shaking up our roots, releasing them from the ground. After all, we have to move now. We look beyond and realise this is it! We are now required to breath in and take a determined step forward.

After a languid summer, we’re back. It’s the old back-to-school bell ringing: we’re back to life, to the active decision making and ready to face what’s next.

Novelty has just celebrated its first anniversary this month – we’re feeling more grown-up, we’ve got hairs on our chest and we’re looking forward to seeing what new surprises our puberty brings. But also, when the next issue lands, we will have known the outcome of the US presidential election. We will, very likely, have seen the face of Brexit. We will perhaps have started to feel its effects in the EU.

Oh, yes, we are shaking slightly in nervous anticipation. As in Ralph Eliot Seaborn’s poem, we are twitching and realigning. We are heating all our joints to take action. Our place does not exist anymore. Much like Anna Cummings’ photo essay, the city we live in has changed. Paris is not the same. It’s time for us to move. Putting ourselves at a safe distance from inevitable harm and spreading the word on the other side of the world, like Kaori Homma letting us know that, in Tokyo, the cicadas no longer cry in the summer. Or maybe not, maybe we shouldn’t leave. Leave to remain is a candid confession teaching us that sometimes staying seems irrational  but we want to stay and fight. Either way, we’re observing, we’re warming up.

We’re ready.