We are Dream Nails


For you to enjoy while reading us.

Words by & illustration by Franz Lang

Listen to a selection of songs here or head over to our Spotify for the full playlist.


We are Dream Nails. Your perfect gang of punk witches direct from hell to your laptop speakers. As a band, we make loud, joyful, raging, queer, feminist punk, the kind that the riot grrrls of the 90’s would be proud of, and that the folk of our time are in desperate need of. We don’t write songs; we write hexes. Our most powerful? Our song Deep Heat. Every show we dedicate its agonising sentiment (‘Siracha! On Ya Dick!) to one of the sexist, misogynistic male politicians of the world. It works! We used to dedicate it to George Osborne and he’s a goner now. We’re still working on Trump.

We take inspiration from everywhere, our daily experiences, politics, our peers in the DIY punk scene of London, a scene that is endlessly friendly, open, encouraging and loving. What influences us musically is, unsurprisingly, broad.

As self-identifying punk witches, we really got into the ‘Midnight Magic’ theme. For us, it evoked ideas of classic after-dark spook, witches casting spells and getting up to no good, but also a darker, sexier nefariousness that, we’re sure you’ll agree, is the true magic of this earth.

The songs we picked are as ramshackle a bunch as we are. Enjoy!

Dream Nails is a Witch punk band from London. Renowned for their riotous live shows, the female four piece have headlined Glastonbury's​ Sisterhood stage, been featured in Dazed & Confused and toured Europe with Cherry Glazerr.