Time slips


What seemed ridiculous at one point has become mundane.

Words by & illustration by Nélida Zubia

your body knows


it guides you


dispensing chemicals

that course through your entire being


stomach clenches

mouth goes dry

a muscle keeps twitching


you keep a finger on

forehead, pushing between eyebrows

closing your eyes


oh, why is this happening

you wonder

as you take 10 seconds for yourself


away from this

weird situation



as you’re finally going to bed

you realise


your surroundings before

echo a dream you had

so long ago it’s impossible

to remember when


it’s all come true


what seemed ridiculous at one point

has become mundane


ergo: current dreams

will become reality


be careful what you dream about


making a split-second decision

you choose what you know


because you know how to handle it


stepping away from a scenario


that’s too much hassle

there’s an insistent voice


“no, this is not the way

you know what you ought to do”

then you know you’re not doing the right thing

betraying yourself

your instinct


it makes no sense


but it’s impossible to ignore

this feeling

of being a coward

playing it safe

risking nothing


the most precious things

are a gamble


where you’re willing to

lose all

because potentially winning

is worth so much more

than what you have


and your throat is eager to make a sound


your heart is bursting


everything is on fire within you


this uncontrollable desire


has already burned everything


that seemed precious before


so there is nothing to lose anymore


what do you have, really?


did you not dream of this?


what is it you want

what will make you happy

can you be satisfied


there is no satisfaction


the hunt for happiness


is the only quest for glory

in our mortal existence


the only certainty is death


do you want to live before you go?


heeding this voice

that whispers each night

of magic & impossible things


impossible now


but everything changes


tomorrow is different


next month will be different


you will change


everything is ever mutating


into unfamiliar shapes


your body feels different


the world has shifted


it’s more like what you thought it should be

Ralph Eliot Seaborn is a writer in London with a penchant for nebulous power sources and natural polymer fibres. A perfect day for Ralph would include flying a kite in the park, cooking the perfect beef stroganoff & finally finishing that ten thousand piece puzzle