Torn Jacket

The story of a torn jacket


Everybody has a jacket almost as incredible as mine.

Words by Paulet Mihai & illustration by Eugene Blissful

Human Nature dictates us to cover ourselves from the outer world with clothing. Maybe it all started with Eve alas it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is that everyone has a jacket, sweater, jumper and/or a cardigan. It is only normal to cover our private parts from the rest of humanity, so the cruel environment doesn’t hurt us. One would not need any kind of garment if one was to be a sage of some kind, for whom the sun alone would suffice to keep him safe and happy. The rest of us keep flashing our cool, expensive jackets to one another and exchanging opinions about them behind our backs.

Here I am, in my 20’s with my awesome jacket  (unique if I may add) with some hidden pockets that I stitched in here and there alongside flashy slogans to let everyone know who I am and what my business is. I love it and value it as an extension of myself. I keep it clean and polish it every chance I get. My heart can never let me lend it to anyone – I’m not myself if I do so. What I really like about it is that I can wear it forever and ever and not need to take it off.

Sometimes I find stuff tucked away in a hidden pocket that I even forgot was there. Some old rusty toy that I used to play with when I was a kid; long before I got this cool jacket. I wonder what I wore back then?

What really intrigues me is that everybody else has a jacket almost as incredible as mine; some even more incredible, but it’s not the same. They do smile and turn from one side to the other when looking in the mirror, only to check if it got dirty or scratched more than it already was.

I also have few holes in mine and some dirt that doesn’t seem to get off when I rub it. I don’t want to tear it more than it already is, so I leave it like that. What I really don’t like is when someone else deteriorates it. I am careful not to let anyone close to me in order for that not to happen, but even I can’t be vigilant all the time. Last weekend, an old friend of mine was joking around and threw a rock at me when I wasn’t paying attention and it hit my arm. It didn’t hurt me, but it left an ugly smudge of dirt on my lower arm; I had to restrain myself not to hit him so I left him then and there and we haven’t spoke since. That should teach him a lesson. I do miss him though…

Not long ago I met a girl and we went out. She admired my jacket so it was only natural to compliment hers in return. It wasn’t bad either, so I didn’t feel I was being dishonest. We wanted to keep it casual; we wouldn’t get undressed so nothing ugly and private could surface. It did happen every now and again, when she took it off halfway to the point where it got really interesting, but then decided to pull it back up; she said I had to do it too if I wanted to see the rest. What nonsense. This went on for some time, but now I manage to take one arm out of my jacket when I’m alone with her. She then undresses completely and I can admire her light. It is so bright and warm that it compels me completely. I’ve never seen anything like it. I wonder if everyone else has an inner light similar to hers. It is hardly probable, but what if God had this sick sense of humour? That would really make one think seriously about all the life decisions taken henceforth.

Last night something I couldn’t quite understand happened. The girl wasn’t happy anymore with seeing just my arm out, and she did the stupidest thing someone could ever do to another: she ripped the rest of the jacket off me to the point I stood bare in front of her, shaking like a leaf. I forgot how good the breeze felt over my skin. Looking at her, without any clothes, she was much more beautiful: she was enlightening the entire room with her glow. She was divine.

But then I felt weak and vulnerable without anything to cover me. This kind of state was something new to me, so I reached for my clothes to shelter myself with them. She looked at me and out of nowhere she dressed and left, but not before telling me that I should lose my jacket for good or else. I did only what any normal human being would do, and rushed her out the door with a shriek or scream; not sure myself what it was. I know I’m just better off without that kind of negativity in my life. Nobody gets to break my jacket and still have my esteem. Not today nor ever.

I didn’t realise the time go by so fast. It feels as if it were only yesterday I was rushing to work, excited about my new position that came with a whole new attire altogether. Soon enough though, my uniform started to wear-out and holes appeared on its entire surface. My old jacket that I had to wear under the suit got also scabby and to smell at one point. It didn’t bother me after a while, only until others noticed the odor. In the beginning, probably out of sympathy, they said nothing; but not long after, not even my closest friends nor family could stand the smell and ended up leaving me alone. I don’t mind, I am quite content with my own company (and my jacket), although it would be nice to have someone fetch me a glass of water or dial the ambulance should I need it.

Any jacket will start to smell sooner or later, regardless the efforts put against it. Some will be content with suffering through the odour for one’s sake, others will not and would prefer leaving.

Completely exceptional would be to lose the jacket altogether. 


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