The North


A North/South divide.

Words by & photos by Lottie Kilraine

The North/South divide within England is a frequent topic of national discussion with many feeling the North has been somewhat neglected despite historically being an industrial stronghold. There is talk of the creation of a northern powerhouse with the Conservatives developing HS2 to further connect the capital and southern cities to the North. Despite this, the capital in the South is still the most prominent place of wealth, development and opportunities leading to a feeling of ambivalence for young northerners who are torn between their northern identity and setting off down south to broaden their opportunities. Traditionally a lot of young northerners decide to travel to the capital for work or to ‘escape’ the small towns and villages they are from. Does this still stand today and is staying in the North beneficial or repressive to the next generation?


Grime and Bass DJ/Producer Sam Lucas aka Ferguson is photographed on a road trip around Northern England.


Lottie is a Leeds based photographer originally from South East London.