Marta Faustino & Francesca Ponzini


Francesca and Marta met three years ago. Francesca called her a bitchy boss, but since then, she hasn’t been willing to work with anyone else. Soon afterwards, they went on holidays to a remote village.They were scared – they didn’t spend that much time together before. They started really talking there and they soon discovered they couldn’t shut up since. At parties, people often mistake one for the other. And perhaps they are twin sisters. That’s why they’re going on this adventure together.

Marta is an arts manager, who never manages to get to the bottom of her book pile without buying more volumes, and has a jar of Nutella with her name on it. She is addicted to QI and bakes a kick-ass Chocolate Guinness Cake. Francesca is a literature lover, illustrator wannabe and can survive only with olives. Recently got excited by creative coding and the twins paradox.

Joseph Clift

Joseph Clift is an avid bibliophile and art lover. Both of which offer a welcome escape from his day job working in digital advertising.

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Georgia Iacovou

Georgia Iacovou is an artist who’s approach to making is that of making collections and indexes. She has self-published a number of books, one example being a series of books which attempt to explain and analyse the lyrics of Nirvana songs.


Céline Bodin

Céline Bodin is a French photographer. She graduated from a photography BA at Gobelins, L’école de l’image in Paris and in 2013 she completed a Photography MA at LCC. As well as regularly writing about photography, Céline develops her personal practice within the themes of identity, gender and the metaphysical frustration of the medium in representations.


Matthew Dowell

Dowell is an artist/writer who works and lives in London, soon to graduate from Kingston University with a degree in Fine Art, he was the 2014 recipient of the ‘Stanley Picker Travel Scholarship Award’. His work focuses on the command language has and employs humour as a powerful communicative tool, not that that you can tell from this statement.


James Beatham

James Beatham is an illustrator and artist living and working in London. Eager for any chance to put pen to paper, he would probably love to make some work for you.

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Minerva Freire

Minerva is a Digital designer and Illustrator based in East London. Learning new things everyday from everyone make me feel active a positive. I can’t live without candles and I really, really, really want a dog.

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Lorenzo Hernandez

Lorenzo Hernandez is a citizen of the world. He doen’t know whether his passion for life led him to photography or the other way round. After living in many different cities he has found his home in London. His latest works are the booksLONDOvista and MANIfashion. He’s currently working on a book and exhibition that portrays 50 Spanish artists living in London, Arte en Movimiento (Art on The Move).


Jodie Papworth

Marta Moreno

Marta Moreno can’t stay out of trouble. In 2010 she started her first multilingual adventure, COLLAGEmagazine, with a couple of friends. In 2013, she decided to pack everything up and move to from Spain to London to work at the University of Greenwich Reminiscence Theatre Archive. It was then when she started her blog Remembering in London. Last year Lorenzo Hernandez convinced her to write the texts for his amazing project Art On The Move. She feels she’s a writer trapped between two languages.


Paulet Mihai

Paulet Mihai is 25 years old artist living in London who looks for the rays of light among the clouds of life. Being born and raised in Romania, I had the ‘privilege’ of experiencing different contrasts of life which, in spite of all, contributed to who I am today.


Eugene Blissful

Eugene is 28 and his friends call him Blissful. He’s a freelance illustrator and painter with a lot of side-projects. Eugene likes reading, playing his viola da gamba and walking in lonely places.

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Sulaïman Majali


Fabrizio Bilello


Rosa Luz

Rosa Luz is a fortune-teller


Enrico Cascavilla

Born and grown up in South of Italy, with his dual cultural background of science and art, and his head always in the clouds, Enrico is trying to survive London life. He is passionate about “nugae” and inspired by every man who follows a chimera.


Laura Traver

Laura is a London based American-British artist, born and raised in Hong Kong. She has a Masters in Fine Art from City and Guilds London Art School and is a Chartered Accountant. Her contrasting background directly informs the physical technique, intensive process and importance of logic in creating her work.

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Pauline Bordaneil

Pauline Bordaneil is an independent curator. Her research focuses on the underside of artistic creation through its objects and rituals; as well as the relationship between artist-curator and theory-practice.


Martina Saladino

Martina is a Digital and Creative Producer and she loves Instagram. She can’t help moving around the world and changing jobs: it’s her way to learn, keep active, grow – personally and professionally.

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Georgia Little