Strange times


Let's get talking.

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It is a strange time, this one, like it is someone else’s bad dream. Most of us didn’t think we’d be here now. It was always a possibility, an alternate reality, a parallel dimension, but it turns out that this is where we are. Also, it turns out, it is not “most of us”.

Brexit, Trump, and Europe looking down to the precipice. At the very least, there is an opportunity here – there are always opportunities in the darkest places. This moment brings a chance of re-examination. The nearly 50/50 division of factions and votes show us this: we were wrong. Furthermore, regardless of the side you’re leaning to, you’re wrong. It is impossible for us, as a people, a nation, a community to proceed without finding a new consensus.

So, this issue, in the face of change, we’re turning inwards. We are monsters and outsiders with Not like them; we learn to move in a different reality in Letters to the Moon; we get ready to shine our true selves in Ralph Eliot Seaborn’s sonnet and we’re transcending the 3rd dimensions by the hand of Marsha Warren Mittman.

Strange times indeed. We suddenly find ourselves being awkward, ugly, ill-adjusted. But surely we always were, we just assumed that we were more, superior, educated and up-right. We were wrong.

Let’s celebrate our own monstrosity then and start over with our dreams.