Stock life


You can’t go wrong here.

Words by & photos by Peter Evans


There are more of them now. You are more common. We walk straight past.


Easier to hide the dust, guts, blood, wires, cables and noise that make them what

they are. That make us what we are.

Everything’s fine.

You will be happy living here. No one can see inside. No churning of your

stomach like the unseen excavation taking place on the other side. It doesn’t

happen here. It won’t happen to you here.



A breath of fresh pixelated air.



The slick high walls, a vertical moat protecting the fairytale land

your castle and its palm-held King’s hand.

You see the tip of the crane, the head of the beast.

But behind the perfect hoarding the guts, the noise, the well that supplies your



Electronically protected fears.



They are telling me life is good. A walk to the shops a day keeps the doctor away.

Lose track of your subscriptions. As Renton said ‘Choose life’ and history repeats

itself as we swipe to choose a partner. Optimised for a larger format.

Pizza Union, Roast Bean Co., Burger Heaven, The Village Deli. There’s no one

eating alone. No one is alone here.

It will be good. It will work out for me here. Here, behind the hoarding with its

promise of life, stopping and chatting with my neighbour. Eating an ice-cream on

a Sunday. Walking hand-in-hand. A phone call. The sun is always shining.


StockLife12The smiles won’t fade.

The glances won’t be stolen and returned over illuminated shields

The floor won’t change for sitting on

And the sun won’t hide behind the dark and brooding hoardings in the sky


Because this is stock life

You can’t go wrong here.





Peter is a cross disciplinary artist fascinated with the routine of our daily lives and the unremarkable. What is often not said, the passed-over and the familiar are what Peter wants to expose and re-purpose.