Poems in Autocomplete


The rhythm of artist and oracle unravel.

Words by & artwork by Karina Mitchell

Artist and poet Karina Mitchell explores the dynamic process of call and response in a collaboration with the tech giant’s most used mega tool: Google search.


The standard type font words in the poems represent the words typed by the writer into Google search and become the invitation and impetus for Google to collaborate with the artist.  The bold type font is Google’s search engine suggestions and responses which become the catalyst toward the progression of the poems.  


Corresponding collages are comprised of pictures from Google image search using select phrases from each poem for criteria.


This love is war calcified fragment


but only for tonight

because i got high

and everyone shouted pull

so don’t call me baby

and i won’t back down

isn’t it obvious that there is no god

how long will social security last

and how can i stand here with you and not be moved by you lyrics

even though we ain’t got money

it’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life

so there’s nothing i can really say

except to be alone



This day has a silent letter


and nobody knows it but me

in the wake of definition

we’ve all got wooden nails

someone brought a flamethrower to a fight

and it was all yellow

i wanted to see you

but now it isn’t true ABBA lyrics

that means two things

one is the loneliest number

the second is like unto the first

while these haters gettin mad

you can call me Al



Brain drain economics


have not received

a place to call home

it’s been 84 years gif

yet this enjoys before it woo

we can work it out lyrics

build a skill for alexa

this time is different

because it’s the first time



The best fidget spinner


can’t hold us

only in your state

is found in the nucleus

the center cannot hold

a poet under pressure

come to fruition

that’s when i reach for my revolver lyrics

which you prefer

that’s the joke

in fact it was you

but only so an hour

end on a high note

to resonate with me

pick me up on your way down



When tears come down like falling rain lyrics


wiped film evaporator

keyboard protective film

neuroses and psychoses

come to my party tour

meanwhile in Belfast

an owl of luck

joins the cochlea and semicircular canals

i hear you knocking

but nobody can drag me down



Inside this place not of it


we take care of our own

at the same damn time

lament from a debtor crossword

our money is not backed by anything

we always lit

like we never loved at all

take me to a useless website

you can make it to the sunrise

this drug is an inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase

take it to the limit

let’s encrypt

another word for important

because this is my first life

not second hand crossword clue

complete cookie



Binary to hex


hex to pantone

pantone color of the year

color is a property of light

light is the new black

where the sun don’t shine

sweet Jesus Niagara Falls

from my shower to yours

wet diamond polishing pads

spin and glow

slick back hair

explode the code

play that song

until we meet again



I lost my passport


my disk drive keeps ejecting

first person point of view

obscures meaning

while meaning in hindi

gather ye rosebuds

we find love Daniel Ceasar

arrows in LaTeX

pierce the veil

under a perpetual inventory system

where rabbits live in winter

this cold won’t go away

even though I walk

it’s not a game I’m not a robot

forget forgot forgotten

Karina Mitchell is a US based artist and poet who maintains archives of her creative digital work on scattered semi functional devices in preparation for her own personal apocalypse: becoming organized enough to actually publish it all in a methodical and visually pleasing manner. Until then, she exhibits her work in the liminal fringe.