Go to stay


For you to enjoy while reading us.

Words by & illustration by Sophie Hunt

Listen to a selection of songs here or head over to our Spotify for the full playlist.


Where I rest to where I awaken, what drifts away to return. As neon darkness nests inside pure daylight through the blinking of an eye. At the crux of our societal limp, a misplaced prize, to lose paper digits only to gain flints of the other. Done like time turning, losing the glint to attain the matt of the night. Moon dew whizzes through the sky’s lacrimal duct, returning the ocean her flare. Earth you go to stay, the original looper, first to revolve, the records of all records here. Her cosmic swirl intricately looping samples of occurrences back into the mix, giving us the freedom of attitude. There is a logic to her revolution, that beautiful jungle of the sublime. Youth is but a mere expression of her exhilarating journey. Old age is nothing but the sharing of roots, of how far she has been. No need to convince, no sides to question, her smooth spin is her way of letting us know. The earth is alive and polyphonic in her speech. The more I listen I hear her calling, where are we heading? What are these rules that have subverted us from this magical planet’s systems? This playlist turned into an abstract wave that took me onto a journey of how I became conscious of earth’s many v/noises personified. The messages were everywhere, proofs and signs, rhythms and tips and strides, what’s gotta go so the earth can stay. Loop on.


Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed –

I only realised after I picked the songs that they actually approach the same topic from different angles. A toast to infinite connection.


Patti Smith –

The voice of creativity, the path chosen, the sacrifices of an artist, what makes it all worthwhile. A calling to make the step to face one’s fears and not be governed by them. Patti’s earth voice has always given me strength when I get artistically constipated, mostly as a result of capitalism’s protruding private parts getting in the way of pure creation.


Tappi Tikarrass –

‘Cos… punk, London, all cultures go together.


Mamani Keita –

Melody melts anger. Metamorphosis is her gift.

Cesaria Evora-

Her poetic tone, deconstructing the apocalypse, likening it more to an unlivable, undrinkable bowl of ego smog soup, wondering why has it come to this.


Joni Mitchell –

The earth’s belt reverberates inside Joni Mitchell’s electrifying bass in The Jungle Line, as the words crawl out of her mouth like bed bugs in the night plodding their way through sheets of time to voluntarily hang themselves to dry on a cordless washing line. Into your ear, into your mind, don’t run, don’t resist, let it all exist.


Erin McKeown-

Where Did I Go is playful although it is about a really complex subject: the Malaysian plane that went missing. I was sat in my East London school science classroom when a pigeon flew straight into the window pane, smacked itself hard and fell to the ground. All us kids rushed over, I guess to see if the pigeon had survived. The teacher screamed at us for caring, told us to sit back into our chairs and to remain invisible. I wondered to myself, could we ever survive if we were meant to ignore everything that was real. But then it happened. The classroom filled with the biggest screwed up bits of paper. Laughter and play took a hold of us all. For playfulness is a balm that can heal wounds.


I am reunited with my heartbeat when listening to Björk’s Triumph Of A Heart. I am dropped back into earth’s electrical pulsation by all those voices. The question begs to answer, are we mother earth’s collective organ? If we organise ourselves without judgement as does nature, how would it feel?  This is the song.


Ogoya Nengo-

I get a sense of the planet’s powerful resources and generosity through Ogoya Nengo’s sheer surprise at her own fate. Once she sung with just a shaker and now she keeps villagers up at night with her band blaring out demonstrations of earthly growth. Bathing in the music of Ogoya Nengo & The Dodo Woman’s Group teaches me how to cherish, harness and digest the orb’s guts of gifts.


Hun-Huur-Tu –

I get a total earth bond listening to this Mongolian folk band.


Sun-Ra –

Straight up, planet earth calling. I never wanted anything else.


That moment when pain sheds all its layers of fear. A euphoric coma inside a roar of surrender. Strength.

Tom Waits-

Sleep to dream.


Ani Difranco-

Her pluck, poetry, and rhythms bring forth that which is endless, infinite in all beings. She sings of respecting mother earth’s true boundaries whilst highlighting the redundant, ridiculous procedures of man making borders. Her music is the earth’s aquatic voice, water that permeates throughout, from the core of this magical planet to her belly of fire.


Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan –

This Sufi song is the earth’s breath vocalised, as intimate as the multiverse itself. A quantum breath that instantaneously exists in all places at all times. Great heights can be achieved through hypnotic trance and improvisation. There is no such thing as separation. Trust.

Elliot Smith-

Dear brain I know you are my brain. Memories we lose in order to keep other ones alive.

Shabsi Mann recently discovered that the polyphonic hum of her refrigerator allows her to time travel.