Five Moon Poems


Micro poems for a sacred moon.

Words by: Margarita Serafimova & illustration by Milen Neykov


The sacred moon was making the stones in the path more alive by the moment.

Treading them was an encounter.

Who was I to say who trod and who was trodden on?

I trod the sacred moon.


Sister, I spoke to the moon, you are clothed in rain.

You are its hat, and it is your coat, 

and I beneath you am naked. 


The mind is mute.

The shine of the moon is attracting 

an ethereal tornado of stars.


The earths and the stars, and the moons were ours. 

We were shining and darkening in a common rhythm, 

and the springs were open, my love, and we were drinking from them.

You continued my life.


Before sunset, the crown of this walnut tree 

was revolving in the sky as an earth,

and I was the moon. 

Margarita Serafimova was a finalist for the Erbacce Press Prize 2019 and 2018, Christopher Smart (Eyewear Publishing) Prize 2019, Summer Literary Seminars 2018 and 2019, Hammond House Prize 2018, Red Wheelbarrow Prize 2018, Montreal Prize 2017; nominated for Best of the Net 2018. She has three collections in Bulgarian. Her work appears in Agenda Poetry, London Grip, Waxwing, Trafika Europe, Landfill, A-Minor, Poetry South, Great Weather for Media, Orbis, Nixes Mate, StepAway, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Leveler, Light, HeadStuff, Minor Literatures, Writing Disorder, Birds We Piled Loosely, Chronogram, Noble/ Gas, Origins, The Journal, miller’s pond, Obra/ Artifact, Arteidolia/ Swifts&Slows, Memoir Mixtapes, glitterMOB, TAYO, Guttural, Punch, Tuck, Ginosko, etc.