Equinox purge


Let’s get talking.

Words by & illustration by Michael Gurhy

Where did this collective sense of impending doom come from? At which point did we seem to lose grip of the natural course of events and start being surprised? As if, history suddenly sneaked up on us.

Maybe, we have let go of something, something important: reality, engagement, our footing. So now we seem to be adrift in a storm, gasping for air. The future seems dark indeed, but mainly because we stopped looking at the present.


This month, the equinox is upon us: a chance for rebirth, a reset button, an opportunity for redemption and growth.

It’s fair that we’ve taken to ourselves over the winter, that we took our time to come to grips with what’s around us, getting use to this darkness. Now it’s time to rise, to plant our seeds, develop roots and promise not to lose grip again. It is imperative that we show lucidity and strength to face what’s yet to come.


In this issue, we adapt to the bleakness of world without sun in the short story The sun is dead and learn that, even in complete darkness, the most surprising things can sprout in Mushroom Madness.  From Trump’s reminiscence of once-upon-a-time “great America” to the future of the European Union and the Schengen dream, we get to see that complete darkness is also an invitation to actively build the future how we want it to be.


The future is dark in that it is unknown, unborn, new. As spring starts and days get longer, we should welcome the physical light and let it guide us – a long, hard walk in the collective dark is before us. It’s going to take time, persistence and determination before the world makes sense again and, to steal the words of Safran Foer, everything is illuminated.