Déjà vu


Strange spell of repetition.

Words by & illustration by Antoni Hidalgo

shapeshifting emotional sponge imbued
to purify the collective psyche
mistaking past circumstances for these
present dreams, thoughts, aspirations: music
of the aeons never sounded so new
and the herbs were never quite so spicy
gardens open up with summer’s soft breeze
sun touching you, your hand touching fabric
wishing for permanence but finding few
willing to devote themselves so deftly
to dally – confused, lost – collecting keys
to undulating lights of soft magic
that reach, with a zap, to your very core:
showing you that which you had seen before

Ralph Eliot Seaborn is a writer in London with a penchant for nebulous power sources and natural polymer fibres. A perfect day for Ralph would include flying a kite in the park, cooking the perfect beef stroganoff & finally finishing that ten thousand piece puzzle