Counting to infinity


Things I know for certain.

Words by & illustration by Lily Goodchild

I know

that whales breathe in and out to make waves,

that forgotten moths flap their wings

to make the stars,

a giant loom weaves the clouds and

when it rains the sky is licking

the earth like ice cream.


I know

that neon lights are trails

left by fluorescent snails,

the wind is caused by mothers

blowing food cool,

lightning is made by babies kissing mirrors

and thunder is the vibration of God’s little tin house,


I know all this because

I read it in a Galapagos turtle’s eye.

Sue has had short stories published, and three ten minute plays performed in Sydney & Canberra's Short & Sweet Festival. However she concentrates mainly on poetry. Her poetry has been published in many journals & anthologies including 'Best Australian Poems 2011' and 'Australian Love Poems'. Read 2 poems from Sue Clennell's poetry CD 'The Van Gogh Cafe' via the link below.