Appealing monstrosity.

Words by & illustration by Georgia Little

it keeps me fresh, this secret fountain of

freakishness. monstrosity: luminous

electrical current flows beneath suave

facades. indecisive shapelessness.

self as nebula, used to infiltrate,

penetrate defences, but making me

unable to speak up, articulate

visions of the unreal, truly reveal

the hideous, shocking horror inside.

my whole life i have been ashamed of what

i really am, yet begging coy delight

when bleeding not blood but light from a cut,

pondering; what revolt can there be in

the love that shines from this vast energy?

Ralph Eliot Seaborn is a writer in London with a penchant for nebulous power sources and natural polymer fibres. A perfect day for Ralph would include flying a kite in the park, cooking the perfect beef stroganoff & finally finishing that ten thousand piece puzzle