Branching out


Let’s get talking.

Words by & illustration by Ella Sando

The prerequisite for roots is blindness. We navigate without seeing, unaware of exactly where we are or where it is possible to go. Little by little, we find our way. We grow stronger, bolder, sometimes into dead ends, but when we do come into contact with fertile soil suitable to our needs, we begin to blossom.

Familiarity can breed discontent, propelling us to break away, reach out as far as we’re able to – forgetting that without the beginning there would be no duration to our journey. Where we come from does not determine where we go, but it does shape us.

This issue is all about examining our roots; we trace back our biological origins with a fascinating scientific discovery in The Atavism Device, and think back on our formative years and tendrils of love that never bloomed in Belonging. In Ecobalancewe see the ingredients of our existence in the galaxies above, and realise we never really explored our native landscape until we had been parted with it for so long that Touching its Lakes became an aching desire.

Our worlds are large, complicated, as are we. But taking the time to simplify, to breathe, to feel, to smell, touch and connect, these things strengthen our foundations. Honouring our roots, the basic essence of us, is vital in order to reach our full potential, stretching our branches to the sky, giving us perspective and allowing us to begin to understand our place in this world.