The greek gods of wind inspiring an artwork on travelling, migration, and nomadism.

Words by & artwork by Isabel Castro Jung

The piece Anemoi  is a sculpture inspired by the wind, built out of recycled sails. I believe that it holds in it the power of all the wind that once hit it. It is a symbol for travelling, migration, and nomadism.


I am a visual artist with migration background, of Spanish and German descent.

In my work, I explore ideas of identity and belonging through multilayered projects, pushing boundaries with mixed media, focusing on performance, sculpture, and video. I am interested in transformation.

Influenced heavily by the attitudes and approaches of ‘Fluxus’ ideas to the making of art, I believe that art is transcendent, a magic ritual, and performance is an effective medium in which to practice it. I believe that we all need rituals, that they form part of our daily life, that they are intrinsic to the experience of being.

In my work, the body is the vehicle of learning and experiencing. I believe that a physical experience allows us to challenge and respond to intellectual and emotional questions.


Here, the performance questions the capacity of adaptation of an individual. It also investigates about the suitability of the environment. This leads to an open-end project that finds itself in a continuous working process, which is made visible to the audience as a physical action.

The performer, contained and constrained within the work, finds herself in a situation of tension and release, trying to make the sculpture integrate with the environment, and attempting to conquer space through the forced movement of the work. The performer is both restrained by the work but enabled by the piece as it allows her to create form and meaning.


The performance makes a process of creation visible. The white fabric is like a sheet of paper but extremely resistant, simultaneously malleable and stiff. It allows building ephemeral shapes, sculptures, and bodies.  As well as performance this piece acts as a sculptural piece with a form which is permanently in flux. It is a visual poem for the circle of life and the passing of time.


Anemoi 1

Animoi 2

Anemoi 4text-anemoi-133-2-capastext-anemoi-191-capas

Based in the UK, Isabel Castro Jung is a sculptor and performance artist of Spanish and German descent. She regularly collaborates with dancers and musicians in her work.